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Kahles Helia C 3-12x56 L

Kahles Helia C 3-12x56 L

As regular readers will know I like and use Kahles scopes, as in my opinion they are up there with the other top European names. Hardly surprising as they are Europe’s oldest optical manufacturer. What I have here is very much a model I feel will be of interest to hunters looking for a medium/high spec product with good low light performance. Equally attractive is the fact that the suggested retail price has been reduced by 13%, so making it a serious consideration; certainly in today’s market place.
The Helia C 3-12x56 L is a basic unit as it does not offer an illuminated reticule. Though I appreciate this facility, by the same token I can live without one, which does have an effect on the price, as you are probably saving over £100…

Same But Comforting

There are no whistles and bells on this model, just quality optics and build. The body tube is a one-piece 30mm type, with a fast-focus eyepiece bell and a simple rubber ring with raised vane around the magnification control. Markings are in white and large enough to be visible in low light. The big 56mm objective will let in a lot of light and combined with KAHLES proprietary AMV coatings will optimize maximum transmission between 500 and 540 nanometers for superior low light use. Plus the wider body tube should allow it to be fitted to most rifles without too much hassle. For testing I put it on my 17HMR Ruger as that is mainly a night time gun, where the 3-12x56’s potential could be best utilised.
Turrets are low hunter-types under removable caps. Dialling is achieved by a bar in the top of the drum, which I have always found a little slim for easy manipulation. OK they are a zero & forget type, but still annoying to operate. To help this Kahles now include their multikey, which was originally for their multizerO scopes, which has a slot in the top that makes it far easier to use.
Click values are 1cm (.39”) @ 100m with 36-clicks per turn (14”) and four and a half rotations top to bottom (63”) with windage ¼-turn less. Not amazing in terms of range, but from past experience with my two Kahles enough for a comfortable 100-yard zero.
Like the rest of the build the reticule is a simple 4A cross, with three, thick outer bars at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock with a fine, inverted inner cross coming down from 12 o’clock. I favour this type for hunting as you get a good view of and over the target, so you can easily apply hold over/windage. Equally at close range you can quickly frame the target, which is good for runners.
Overall this is a quality piece of glass and if you are thinking of moving up into this the top area of European production Kahles is well worth a look.

For: Simple, high quality optic
Against: Not a lot
Verdict: Great all-round hunting scope; buy it now…

PRICE: £844  


  • Name : Kahles Helia C 3-12x56 L
  • Body tube : 30mm
  • Reticule: 4A
  • Length: 14”
  • Weight : 19 oz
  • FOV : 12.5 – 3.6m
  • Twilight factor : 9.5-25.9
  • Exit pupil : 10-4.7
  • Click values : 1cm
  • Clicks per turn : 36
  • Turret rotation : 4 ½


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