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MTC Blueprint Reach Forward Adjustable Mounts RS30

MTC Blueprint Reach Forward Adjustable Mounts RS30

MTC Optics has made a name for itself with innovative design and value for money in the scope world, but their range of scope mounts is rapidly gaining ground too. On test here are the very latest MTC Blueprint Reach Forward Adjustable Mounts, with the code number RS30. We are showing here the set of mounts that have the 11- 12mm (3/8”) base, but it’s worth pointing out at the start that these mounts are also available with Picatinny base, to fit that style of rail. Both are designed for a 30mm scope tube. Truly versatile.

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The concept of reach forward mounts is a good one, allowing us to successfully mount a scope where an awkward or cramped configuration would otherwise preclude the use of certain-sized optics. The beauty of this 2-piece mount set is that the two components can be set up either way round so that the ‘reach forward’ section can effectively add more rail at the front or back. In addition to the reach forward element, MTC has designed both mounts to be adjustable for height, via a separate central section which can be moved around and then tightened to suit. The shorter mount can move up, down and tilt forward or back, whilst the reach forward piece can be lifted, extended and tilted. The result is an amazing amount of adjustment and effectively a get-out-of-jail free card for any awkward scope setup. Bear in mind that most sighting issues are to do with elevation and I reckon it’s really helpful that these mounts don’t include any windage adjustment. This keeps things simple and that includes the overall setup procedure.

The setup process

I would start by centring the scope’s turrets (not essential but preferable). Next, I would position the mounts in roughly the right area before tightening the bases on the gun’s rail. Slacken off the top two screws on the side of each mount, just enough to allow the centre sections to still move. Now, unscrew and remove the mount straps and lay the scope into position, then nip up the top straps (again leaving some slack to allow for movement). Check eye/scope alignment and move the scope if necessary. Tighten all screws and then fire a couple of shots to check zero. Then, depending on the impact point, the front or rear mount can be slightly raised or lowered to suit. Effectively, as the angle is altered, both mounts will move together. When zero is near using this method, tighten all the screws again and fine-tune the final zero using the scope’s turrets in the normal way. In use, these mounts worked really well, and the quality of manufacture, as well as the neat design, is all we have come to expect from MTC.

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  • Name: MTC Blueprint Reach Forward Adjustable Mounts RS30
  • Options: Available for 11-12mm (3/8”) or Picatinny base
  • Price: £88.00
  • Contact: MTC - www.mtcoptics.com