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Rowan Engineering Parallax Lever

Rowan Engineering Parallax Lever

With the trend towards side parallax adjustment on scopes, there comes a need for devices to make the task just that bit easier. Whilst Field Target scopes need large side wheels to accentuate the range markings, such devices are an unnecessary irritation where more modestly configured hunting optics are concerned. However, there is still a need for something to give the shooter greater control and more comfortable operation. Fishing rod clips and such like have been used as an improvised ‘fix’, but for some while now, there has been a rather more civilized solution. This comes in the form of the Parallax Lever, which is machined from aluminium by Rowan Engineering.

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The lever is very easy to fit and just pushes on over the left-hand side turret, and then three small grub screws can be tightened. Thereafter, the lever acts as the control for the parallax dial, and smooth, easy adjustment is the reward.

Rowan makes several versions to fit different popular makes of scope, so check their website prior to purchase. The natural aluminium lever undoubtedly adds ‘bling’ to any rig, but for those who want everything to match, these neat accessories are also available with a black anodized finish, for a bit more money. Classy and highly functional, and that just about sums up Rowan’s operation too.

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  • Name: Rowan Engineering Parallax Lever (32mm)
  • Finish: Natural Aluminium or Black Anodized
  • Price: £38.95 & £39.95, respectively
  • Contact: Rowan Engineering - www.rowanengineering.com