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Midnight Hawk Tracer Unit

Midnight Hawk Tracer Unit

‘After dark’ airsoft is not to everyone’s taste, but I have to admit it’s something that I very much enjoy. With the right site operator, a night game can be a real experience to remember; I recall playing at Free Fire Zone (www. freefirezone.co.uk) several years back when, as part of ‘Nam’ themed weekender, the scenario extended well into the night. The site team had set up a superb pyrotechnic display around the Firebase, along with bright burning fires on the approaches; the feeling created was electric and made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

I was playing as part of a ‘SOG’ patrol and my primary of choice was my trusted Tokyo Marui Uzi, which for the night element of the game I’d equipped with a Guay & Guay (G&G) Tracer Unit; this was quite a bulky mock suppressor that, thanks to an internal battery, would light-up the special tracer BBs as they passed through it. As the action kicked off I was able to send a stream of bright green-glowing BBs towards the attacking force, and in return got several bright green streams back at me! The use of tracer units that night only served to enhance the overall experience.

I’ve got a big MilSim event coming up soon with a night element to it, and I’m sad to say that my old tracer unit with its unchangeable internal battery is long past its best, so I decided to have a look around for replacement, and I’m pleased to report that G&G have updated the old, bulky unit for something a lot more user-friendly!

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G&G are a trusted innovator in airsoft and they’ve done it again with their Midnight Hawk Tracer Unit. The original G&G tracer of the past, as well as the more recent M.I.T. units, have proven that G&G tracer technology is one of the most efficient on the market. The Midnight Hawk comes in as the one of the most compact and lightest tracer units available!

Compact Unit

The unit itself resembles a short suppressor and is just 125mm long, weighing in at just 160g, so it’s not going to add too much weight and bulk to the muzzle of your rifle or carbine. It’s threaded 14mm CCW, so that means it will just screw onto most AEGs or gassers without any fuss, and a small grub screw keeps it securely in place. Unscrewing from the back of the shell reveals the battery compartment and a mass of intricate circuitry, which is all CE rated. The unit itself, unlike the old fixed battery unit, is powered by four cheap and easy to find AAA batteries, and once these are fitted, the unit is activated by depressing a small button on the rear; the unit is now activated so you know you’re ‘good to go’.

Once in place and powered up, it’s simply a case of adding tracer BBs to a magazine and start shooting; the first BB through the unit gets everything ‘online’ and from that point onwards you’ll be lighting up the darkness in the most satisfying manner, and completely adding to the buzz of a night-time firefight!

The compact unit is great for fitting flush with many handguards and rails as well. The Midnight Hawk comes in Black or Desert Tan to match any colour scheme you may have on your RIF, and it’s already been released in the USA with an SRP of US$90, which is a great price given the level of technology involved. Sadly, at the moment we’ll have to wait and see how the exchange rate fluctuations affect the final UK price… hopefully the Midnight Hawk will soon arrive with all good G&G stockists though!


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