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Huggett Astile Silencer

Huggett Astile Silencer

Since arriving on the scene approximately 10 years ago, it’d be fair to say Huggett silencers made a big impact on the way airgunners looked at sound suppression. From humble, yet impressive beginnings, the company expanded on the base idea of the original Huggett to produce the Snipe, Belita and Atom silencers. These models only differing in size (smaller models having fewer baffles) so as to suit the rifle used or for personal shooter preference.

In fact, this is something to remember for what follows, as the company have continued along this path with the way they have designed their latest offering – the Astille Modular Moderator.


Outwardly, the silencer mimics the form of an artillery shell. This isn’t just for cosmetic appeal, as it has a practical advantage because the radical lines of the moderator capitalise on the natural noise suppression properties that a conical shape does in fact display. Also, due to extensive research, development and testing, Huggett has established the optimal internal geometry of the new silencer’s chambering, with the result being they confidently claim the Astille is their most efficient silencer to date.

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Now, due to air rifle technology, in general, moving forward so quickly, the company decided it was time to use a similar technical approach with the Astille, so as to harness better sound suppression. And not only does its unique shape help achieve this, but also the modular, screw-together concept allows shooters to extend the Astille in length so it can be tailored to the rifle it’s fitted to, plus individual and specific in-field requirements.

A mod moderator

Its modular format consists of a universal base unit, threaded with a standard female thread, and a main silencing chamber that actually screws into the base unit. This is what allows for an optional extension module to be fitted between the base and front chamber. Also, you even have the option to fit either a flat or conical (nose cone) tip. Flat, black anodised spacer rings on either side of the main chamber add a touch of class, however for those who like a bit of bling - brass, red, blue, and silver spacers are available as optional extras.
The universal base unit is ½” UNF or M20 threaded, and apparently, there will be more adaptions to follow. However, the main chamber, extension module and tips are all calibre-specific and can be purchased in either .177, .22, 25 or .30 calibre.

Looking into it

On closer inspection of a module, you can clearly see internally the silencer uses a cage-type baffle that’s surrounded by sound deadening felt. Sound suppression is furthered due to the nose cone having external vent holes that are set to the rear of eight laterally machined grooves positioned towards the front.

The Astille can actually be fitted with up to three extension modules, each reducing the muzzle report’s decibel level further still. The basic silencer measures 149mm long and weighs just 141-grams, while the Astille Plus, fitted with one extension unit, measures188mm and weighs 177-grams. All are very well manufactured and have an anodised satin-black finish. During testing, I found the Astille Plus on par with most popular moderators and the Astille an ideal companion for those who use bullpups.

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  • Name: Huggett Astille Silencer
  • Price: From £119.99
  • Contact: Huggett Precision Products - www.huggettmoderators.com