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Rowan HW Brass Trigger Guard

Rowan HW Brass Trigger Guard

Customizing airguns is still extremely popular, and for fans of the Weihrauch brand, there’s an easy upgrade that anyone can manage, with the simple aid of a screwdriver. Custom after-market supremos, Rowan Engineering offer a retrofit trigger guard made from brass, that simply replaces the existing trigger guard on many of the Weihrauch air rifle models. Just remove the two screws from the original cast guard, pull the guard from its recess, then insert the new brass fitting and tighten everything back in place. You will now have a fantasticlooking rifle that somehow looks radically different!

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Beautifully made to Rowan’s usual standard, this new brass trigger guard is CNC machined from a high-grade brass stock bar. It has to be the perfect add-on for any Weihrauch fan that is eager to stand out from the crowd but wants to keep any change simple and uncomplicated.

The HW Brass Trigger Guard fits most Weihrauch HW spring rifles including the HW35, 77, 80, 95, 97 and 99. It is available from Rowan direct. Check out their website for full details. Plus, if you like the brass look, they also do an HW cocking lever grip as well to fit some of the underlever models. Nice!

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  • Name: HW Brass Trigger Guard
  • Price: £59.95
  • Contact: Rowan Engineering www.rowanengineering.com