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Contessa Picatinny Rail

Contessa Picatinny Rail

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Contessa Alessandro & C. s.n.c. specialises in after-market scope rails, mounts and rings for many rifles. For example their QD Blaser R8 mount is a great, cost-effective alternative. But what of the rimfire CZ452 and 455? The rifle comes with integral 11mm dovetails, which work but present problems if you prefer QD scope mounts and even more importantly want to fit night vision! Contessa has the solution with their Picatinny Rail – CZ452/455. Made of blued steel they are 149mm long , 9mm high and weigh 135-grams.They slide into the existing dovetails and lock with vertical Allen screws that exert pressure on top of the bridges to secure, an Allen key is included.They are available in 0, 10, 20 and 30 MOA, a bit academic for a 22 LR, but some use on a 22WMR or 17HMR perhaps! Our example was a snug fit and we had to tap it on with a soft hammer. This Picatiiny base offers far more optical and operational flexability!

PRICE: £64.99
CONTACT: Alan Rhone; www.alanrhone.com

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