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Deben Extreme Precision Bipod

Deben Extreme Precision Bipod

Whilst of course, they’re not to everyone’s taste, or always relevant, many shooters wouldn’t leave home without one.

Whichever camp you fall into there’s no doubting their popularity and serious use in the right scenario. The huge growth in Tactical style rifles and military themed hardware has energised the market, yet the benefits of having one shouldn’t be underestimated.

Fixed or Tilt

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Deben have built up quite a name for shooting accessories, and their extensive range of bipods offer various sizes, which should cater for most scenarios. Their Extreme Precision range offer super robust construction and neat design, and the end-result is a satisfying add-on that could transform your shooting.

Fixing the bipod to the rifle is done by an adjustable clamping system, which basically locks around an existing sling swivel on the gun – therefore a pre-requisite for any prospective purchase. The unit is easily setup, and once in place can either be pushed into position or swung out of use flat against the rifle via the spring loaded arms. It works a treat, and with the bipod in position, much steadier, and therefore more accurate shooting is possible.

Extreme Precision Bipods are available in a variety of sizes 6-9, 9-13, 13-23, and 13-27 inches, and can be specified as either fixed or with a swivel tilt option. Prices vary from £49.95 up to £79.95.

NAME: Deben Extreme Precision Bipod
PRICE: from £49.95
CONTACT: Deben Group Industries Ltd 01394 387 762 www.deben.com

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