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Javelin Locking Lever

Javelin Locking Lever

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The Javelin bipod is a light weight support with a patented magnetic Q/D attachment system, and does not have to be fitted until needed and taken off when finished. As well as its heightadjustable legs, the Javelin also offers swivel movement and the ability to cant (roll right or left) to compensate for uneven ground. The original version used a small thumb nut that could increase or decrease tension, however many users found they could not exert enough pressure to lock out the cant fully. Mindful of customer feedback, the manufacturers Spartan Precision Equipment, came up with their Locking Lever upgrade. Fitting is simple; just unscrew the thumb nut and wind on the new lever, which is made of a tough polymer. As might be expected, the leverage potential is increased considerably, resulting in a much firmer engagement at any angle. Equally smart, is the fact that the lever can be pulled out under spring tension about 1/8”, so it can be freewheeled into a central position or any other that suits the operator! Weighing a few grams, it does not detract from the Javelin’s light weight advantages.

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  • Price: £22
  • Contact: RUAG AmmoTec UK Ltd; www.ruag.co.uk (distributor) Spartan Precision Equipment Ltd; javelinbipod.co.uk