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Leapers UTG Recon Bipod

Leapers UTG Recon Bipod

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Leaper’s UTG Recon Flex Bipod takes a different path. As opposed to a standard pod, with the legs hinging together on a base that attaches under the rifle, it’s aimed at guns with free-float M-Lok and Key-Mod forend systems. It is two separate leg units that fit to the forend sides. First, it drops the centre of gravity (COG) as it hinges on the bore line; secondly, it gives a wider, 50° gape that adds stability. The mounting plate is a quadrant that the leg hinges on at the top, with locking by a pull-down, sprung collar. This gives five positions forward and back for stowing, vertical and 45° forward and back for more forward or rear support and extra height reduction. Legs are telescopic and locked by sprung catches and finger wheels to give four height positions from 5.5 – 8”. The feet are rubber and give good adhesion on most surfaces. Being on average higher mounted by around two inches drops the bore line accordingly, with an improvement in stability; at maximum height, it’s still more stable than conventional bipod systems. At minimum height, you have a gape (foot width) of 10.5” and at maximum this increase to 13.5”. Other advantages are the reduced weight and the fact the legs fold up parallel with the forend, so are less obtrusive.

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  • Price: £59.99 (M-Lok or Key-Mod fittings)
  • Contact: Rifleworks; www.rifleworks.co.uk