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Acetech AC6000 Airgun Chronograph

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The Acetech is a very affordable and totally reliable Bluetooth chrono-graph that is fast and simple to use with air rifles. Rather than requiring perfect alignment and appropriate outdoor or DC indoor lighting, it pro-vides its own light within a 35mm tunnel that you effectively shoot through. This needs cautious alignment with the muzzle of your air rifle or pistol but because it’s so close, it’s not tricky at all and for quick power confirmation, it’s one of the fastest there is.

There is a threaded tripod location on the underside, or it can be placed flat on a suitably elevated surface. The unit comes with its own 18650 lithium battery and USB charging cable. When switched on, you can program it manually with a four-way rubber keypad or connect it via Bluetooth to a smartphone/tablet.

You can record in metres or feet per second, enter projectile weights for the muzzle energy in ft/lbs or joules, and the unit measures and displays your whole shot string with average speed, maximum and minimum recorded.

Everything is displayed on a simple and bright 128x128 pixel LCD screen. The Bluetooth connection is strong and reliable with no added start-up time (once linked from new) and using a phone you can dis-play graphs, which is always an interesting element with PCP air rifles to assess if the power curve really is ‘flat’.

I have been using this frequently and it went in my sub 12 ft/lbs/FAC airgun kit bag because it’s compact, measuring 135x110x65mm. Plus, it weighs just 331-grams.

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  • Name: Acetech AC6000 Chronograph
  • Price: £79
  • Contact: Henry Krank - www.henrykrank.com