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Caldwell Ballistic G2 Chronograph

Caldwell Ballistic G2 Chronograph

Caldwell’s latest G2 Chronograph has quite literally flipped the concept upside down. Now, instead of the bullet passing above sensors so its shadow initiates the timing sequence, the G2 has the LED illuminated screens below.

Well packaged

Starting from the box, the G2 components are supplied in a three-compartment Cordura case holding a tripod, the screens and the central sensor hardware. Each screen has two folding arms that open out and fit onto the ends of the sensors, and twin aluminium bars connect centrally to the multi-axis adjustable tripod. The wedge-shaped tips lock into the upper sensor section, with plugs on either side to power each screen and the sturdy construction maintains the 18” sensor spacing, which is key to accuracy.

The 48 MHz processor times the bullet’s passage, which is perceived by the detection of its shadow across the sensors. What’s new is that the unit has an onboard Lithium-Ion battery, charged from the supplied USB plug or any other suitable USB source. It takes about 2.5 hours to charge for a 12 hour run time and can also be continuously powered by any USB backup. There is also the possibility to illuminate the LED screens for use indoors, where 50Hz lighting would otherwise interfere with optical chronographs. Continuous DC/LED lighting is not a problem. The use of the lights uses more battery power but is not needed for measuring projectiles outdoors in natural daylight, where the inverted design is now less prone to bright sunshine interference.

Wireless connection

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Bluetooth 4.0 is supported by Caldwell’s app and connection was troublefree. The tech allows the unit to send not only shotby- shot updates to your phone at the firing point but also to record entire strings.

If you enter bullet weight, BC, distance to the chronograph, atmospherics etc. then this gives far greater detail of the firing sequence, with true average speeds and standard deviation to program into your ballistic apps for scope corrections at long ranges. Muzzle energy is also calculated, and you can program it all in metric or imperial units as desired. The supplied instructions are detailed and clear, making the unit easier to use and set up.

The construction includes high-quality polymers with hard anodised aluminium, although the tripod is perhaps a little delicate for the 20” long unit standing around 18” high, so be careful in windy conditions as it is a little top-heavy. The unit’s LCD display is clear, with an indication of duplicate readings or any shots that might have slipped out of the sensor’s field of view. Results are available from 5-9999 feet per second, with +/- 0.25% accuracy and can be emailed or transferred via text for further use.


A very capable and easy to use chronograph from Caldwell. It’s ideal for those with indoor as well as outdoor needs above and below the speed of sound.

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  • Name: Caldwell Ballistic Precision G2 Chronograph
  • Price: £317.89
  • Contact: Sportsman Gun Centre www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk