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KKC rifle stocks

KKC rifle stocks

When we think of rifle stocks I suppose Norway does not immediately spring to mind. However, the Norwegians are a race of shooters, I know a few and they get the job done! So whilst talking to Peter Jackson (Jackson Rifles) at the IWA show he showed me a brand called KKC from that country. As can be seen the design certainly stands out and is something visually you will either love or hate. But by the same token once you wrap yourself around it cosmetics become less of an issue.

I would describe the KKC Varmint model as extreme ergonomics – everything unnecessary has been removed, but where it’s required they have not been stingy either; with the butt being a good example. Here it’s more an L-shaped spar with near all the belly removed and the top scalloped out. To this section is fitted a height and angle adjustable comb/cheek piece (saddle), locked by two Allan bolts. Both length of pull (LOP) and butt pad height are adjustable, the former by adding/removing spacers and the latter by physically moving the pad up or down.

Almost a Thumbhole

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Moving forward the right-handed pistol grip is large, flared and near vertical and feels much like a thumbhole layout minus the top strap. It gives a superior hold and moves the trigger finger back enough for a true, first pad position. The forend is a flat, beavertail-style with an angled base. It’s also extremely rigid and free-floats the barrel. A final touch are QD sling studs fore and aft.

The build is laminate and available in what KKC call black and what I call dark grey and a mid brown. The comb/cheek piece is black or brown. There are also two versions the Varmint and a Sporter. Hard to tell from the website but it looks like the latter has a slimmer forend. It’s also cut for the following actions: Carl Gustav/Husqvarna 1900, CZ 452, Kongsberg 393/Lakelander, Remington 700 (long and short action), Remington Model 7, Sako 75 (long and short action), Sako 85, Sauer 200 STR and 202. There’s enough choice for our market, but it would have been good to see Winchester, Ruger and the CZ 527 too.

It Works

The stock was supplied on a custom Tikka 595 action in 243 Win, so I guess they forgot to add Tikka to the list? Truth to tell it’s an excellent design providing as it does all the requirements to easily tailor the platform to suit your build and style. I have to say I like the minimalistic look of the butt and the general feel, build quality and stability is excellent. However, I would say that you do have to get past its somewhat radical looks - certainly if you don’t like what you first see - as it’s seriously worth it.


  • All of a sudden we are inundated by beautiful laminated stocks from Norway, and long may it continue, IMO. Sadly, neither company so far makes a replacement stock for a Krico 600-series rifle - just not cost-effective, I'd guess.

    Default profile image
    tac foley
    11 Dec 2015 at 09:52 PM
  • There are 2 kinds of KKC stocks: those that you can make to fit any bolt action rifle (but you need to work the material yourself) and those that are pre-fitted to certain type of action.

    Referring to the article, Tikka is available as one of the pre-fitted actions. I have a KKC stock on my T3 and it works better than the original composite stock, plus is attractive to look at (which the original stock certainly isn't).

    All the pre-fitted actions are listed on the manufacturer's website (www.kkc.no)

    Default profile image
    07 Mar 2015 at 03:51 PM
  • I have used a KKC stock for my Rem700 tactical(308) for five years and it is a great rifle stock. It has been through almost every weather conditions Norway has to offer and there has not been any problems. The stock is very stable with a great pistolgrip.The stock picks up recoil very well and this make you go for rapid follow up shots with huge confidence.

    Default profile image
    Stig Nerland
    07 Jul 2013 at 04:32 PM
  • Hi I didn't see a cost for these stocks in the review and where they are available from can you please advise.

    Thanks Marty

    Default profile image
    Marty Bartlett
    26 Jul 2012 at 09:42 AM
  • From what I can recall the forend is stable enough. You might want to give Jackson Rifles a call about the new GRS stock too, similar looking and also Norwegian, I have one for my 6.5 Creedmoor and its excellent.

    Default profile image
    pete moore
    08 May 2012 at 10:27 AM
  • The fore end of the stock looks vertically quite thin but it is also pretty wide. Could you describe how stiff the fore end is?

    Default profile image
    07 May 2012 at 09:33 AM

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