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Wisport Crafter Backpack

Wisport Crafter Backpack

The Wisport Crafter is a large capacity backpack with a very much ‘less is more’ approach to stowing your gear. As ever quality is very good and it is packed with some great features.

Open plan

The main feature of the Crafter is the compartments, or rather the lack of them, as it has just one massive space, which is unusual but extremely practical. Putting all of your gear in one big space, and then having to dig through it to find what you are looking for, is usually impractical but Wisport has intelligently addressed this issue. The compartment has two access points, one through the top (opened with a zip) and the other through the front. The latter is via a U-shaped clamshell zipper that opens the whole front of the pack, fully exposing all of the contents.

Using the front opening you can pack all of your gear easily and lay it out however you want. This is better than the standard arrangement where you have to stuff a pack from the top and try to put the things you might need first nearest to the lid. Once you have your gear stowed, simply close the zip and tighten the compression straps to secure everything in place.

Hold on

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The backpacks carry options include Wisport’s ‘SAS plus carry system’. This offers a very secure and comfortable carry on the shoulders, as well as two strong webbing handles on the front, for picking it up in the laid down position. There is also a webbing handle on the top and two more handles, with rubberised grippers, on the back. The pack can be lifted from any side making it very easy to move around and carry.

The well-shaped and padded shoulder straps are adjustable and incorporate quick-release buckles. The height that the pack sits on your back can be changed, so you can move the load to suit your preference. The removable hip belt is also very well padded and at the bottom of your back, it helps create a good air gap to prevent overheating. With everything being adjustable you get a comfortable fit, no matter what size you are.

Also included

On the outside there are numerous attachment points including loops, webbing straps and an elasticated drawstring zigzagged across the front. Inside there are compression straps and several zipped pockets for small items. There is also a rain cover included in its own separate compartment.


The build of the Crafter is the usual high quality you get from Wisport, all of the zippers, stitching and straps being top-notch. A one-compartment option might be unusual, but it is actually very practical and makes a lot of sense. This is a great pack for a large load, with quick access to all of the contents.

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