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Niggeloh Javelin Rifle Sling

Niggeloh Javelin Rifle Sling

I think it was in early 2014 that the Javelin bipod first appeared. Created by Spartan Precision Equipment, the idea was radical in a world dominated by the Harris bipod and its many imitators! Standard bipods add a fair bit of weight to your rifle; though offer a reasonably practical ON/OFF system. But there are times when weight/ size penalties can be a problem!

Spartan offered a practical alternative with their Javelin. Made of carbon fibre and aluminium, it’s a light and compact design that attached to the forend by a rifle adaptor plate (RAP) with a magnet in its mounting socket. The idea is simple; when you need it, which you don’t all the time, you just pulled it out and slid its mounting spigot into the socket of the RAP and you were connected! But there’s more, integral to the build are both cant (lockable) and traverse functions. Typically, the legs were telescopic, so height-adjustable with rubber feet, which could be removed to reveal steel tips that allowed purchase on hard surfaces.

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In testing, I fitted the Javelin to both rimfire and fullbore rifles and the level of ability and sophistication was impressive, apart from one thing! The problem with anything detachable is where do you put it when it’s not needed? Murphy’s Law dictates that at some time you are going to lose it; you know it! I used to put mine in the loops on the outside of my hunting pack or in my smock pocket, but a better solution has been found!

This is Spartan!

The guys at Spartan spoke to German sling manufactures Niggeloh (also great kit) and they collaborated on a design purpose built to stow the Javelin, yet have it ready instantly. The build is a leather and Neoprene composite, with a large 3 x 25 inch shoulder pad with anti-slip rubber lining. Attachment is by a metal twist ‘n’ lock buckle with Velcro covers. On the front face of the pad are two open pockets with a reversible stop tag in the middle, which is magnetised so retain the pod.

The Javelin (short or long version) slides into either of these (feet-first) so positioning itself for easy removal and fitting. The reason there are two is you might prefer a muzzle up or down carry, so there’s access in either direction. In use it lives up to its promise, as effectively it’s ‘on-gun’, so less chance of being lost or wasting time digging it out of pack or pocket and it’s almost automatic to put it back after use. My one caveat; in use, make sure the legs are screwed down, if not, as when you draw it out there’s a possibility of the extendable sections coming free.

Price: £95. Super-Lite bipod short or long £175 (includes RAP)

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