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Hill MK5 Airgun Pump

Hill MK5 Airgun Pump

I’ve used a Hill Airgun pump for many years, so that puts me in a good position to confirm that they really are super reliable. On test here is the very latest Mk5 version, which comes flatpacked in a protective box. It can be purchased on its own or with the optional Dry-Pac moisture filter.

Putting it together

With effectively just five constituent parts to put together, assembly is very simple and didn’t take long at all. My test pump came complete with the Dry-Pac system, which needed filling before use. The medium comes in a sachet and rather resembles mustard seeds.


As mentioned, I’m a huge fan of airgun pumps, yet there’s no denying that one of the drawbacks is that, as the pump sucks in air from the atmosphere, some moisture is inevitably present. Hill lead the field with their Dry-Pac pod, and this extra is worth every penny, as the medium absorbs up to 95% of the moisture from the air, which could find its way into the airgun.

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One final consideration is to source the end piece adaptor, as irritatingly, Hill leave this off. A Foster snap connector is only a few quid, either from Hill’s website or from outlets such as Best Fittings, and thereafter, connection is easy. As I say, I couldn’t help finding it an irritating omission, yet given the plethora of different adaptors used by different manufacturers, you can see Hill’s logic. Adopt the quick snap connectors available, and charging becomes easy.


So what’s new here? Well, Hill claims a 20% reduction in the amount of effort required to use the pump and that it’s faster and easier to service. In addition, I also happened to notice that the body tube is narrower on the new model, and with 3/4lb less weight to lug about, that has to be a bonus for many. Look at the new gauge and you’ll also notice that the Mk5 can pump to a higher 300bar (4500psi) when compared to 250bar with the previous model, so plenty of plus points.

In use

On test, I ran it alongside my Mk4 model, filling an Air Arms S510 R from 150 to 250bar. Whilst overall strokes were 69 with my old model against 71 with the new, the modest effort is still a feature.

Negatives are that it isn’t quite as stable as the old one, and I still find the handles too hard on the hands. But minor gripes aside, it’s difficult not to conclude that this is still arguably the best pump on the market. It’s extremely well made, easy to use, and sports that highly efficient Dry-Pac moisture trap. Bear that in mind and stump up the extra £25. You won’t regret it.

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  • Hill MK5 Airgun Pump - image {image:count}

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  • Name: Hill Mk5 Airgun Pump
  • Max Fill Pressure: 300bar/4500psi
  • Price: Pump only - £149 (guide) Pump including Dry-Pac - £175 (guide)
  • Contact: John Rothery Wholesale - www.bisley-uk.com