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Napier Apex Airglo

Napier Apex Airglo

A hunters two biggest problems when stalking are noise and smell! The average human exhales 10,000-litres of scent a day and as we all know sounds carries too. Both being exacerbated by wind direction, which is like a natural early warning system for deer and other animals. OK the idea is to get down wind of your quarry but that’s not always possible, however with Napier’s new APEX AirGlo it’s possible to check wind direction and adjust for it. The idea is simple and consists of a small, puffer bottle that is filled with 40-grams of a non toxic and nonstaining, odourless powder; a bit like talc. So as you are stalking you can flip up the cap, give it a squeeze and a small amount will puff out and it will act as a wind direction indicator, to a degree it will also give you an idea of its speed too. It can also be used as a trail marker as it’s not water-soluble, to retrace your route or even mark the spot where an animal has run into cover or similar.

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Packaged in a soft neoprene, camo sleeve with a belt clip and lanyard, easy and silent to use, it’s an interesting and practical item for the serious hunter!

PRICE: £11.95
CONTACT: Napier of London 01235 812993, www.napieruk.com

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