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Rowan Engineering Windicator

Rowan Engineering Windicator

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Hunter Field Target and FT requires the competitor to take on the elements and try and hit targets down range when conditions are not always favourable. It doesn’t take much wind to deflect an airgun pellet. A wind indicator hangs from a rifle, moving with the wind to show strength and direction. Rowan Engineering CNC machine their Windicator from 6082 aluminium and can be supplied in either natural or black anodised aluminium. They can either be specified as an over barrel fitting or with a cylinder clamp, dependent upon the make of airgun. Once attached via the precision clamp to the rifle, a small length of wool or cotton can be attached to the swing out, spring-loaded arm and used as a visual aid to help evaluate the windage adjustment required. Various sizes are available, covering the popular airguns. The cylinder-type fit is available in 31.5mm for the Air Arms S400, 33.3mm for the Walther Dominator and 34.8mm for the Steyr. Barrel fit is available in 15,16 and 22mm and will fit the Air Arms S200, S400, MPR, Steyr LG110 and Daystate shrouded barrels.

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  • Prices: Natural Aluminium £35.95 Black anodised Aluminium £36.95
  • Contacts: Rowan Engineering, 01295 251188 rowanengineering.com