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BCB’s camouflage

BCB’s camouflage

For over a decade, UK based survival equipment specialist, BCB International, has been making camouflage cream for many thousands of soldiers worldwide.

BCB’s camouflage cream which has proved to be a great success with service personnel is currently issued to troops by the UK Ministry of Defence as well as being used by most NATO Forces in Europe.

BCB International’s spokesperson, Philippe Minchin said: “Here at BCB, we have built up an expertise at making and supplying camouflage cream to armed forces worldwide. We were the first in the world to develop the only camouflage cream with a proven infrared reflective formula which reduces the chances of soldiers being picked up by infrared searching equipment. Troops worldwide use our camouflage cream to stay concealed from the enemy. We believe that hunters and target sports enthusiasts will benefit from our range of camouflage creams.”

Visit the BCB International website at www.bcbin.com to view and buy their two-tone Bushcraft camo sticks and three colour Chameleon Camo Compact (Woodland) in matt black, olive green and service brown. You can also download or view online their new Advanced Combat Equipment catalogue. Alternatively phone 029 2043 3705


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