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Fenix HL05, HL35 and HL50 Headlamps

Fenix has just come up with three new headlamps; when will they stop? Measuring 36 x 38 x 18mm and weighing 13grams, the HL05 is ultra-compact, light, durable and versatile, with its multi-output beam. Manufactured from plastic, it’s waterproof rated to IPX-8, and offers two levels of white light at 3 and 8 Lumens, with red fixed and flashing modes too. All operation and modes are accessed by pushing on the face of the silicon covered lens. Using efficient modern LEDs, run times from a pair of CR2032 batteries (supplied) are white light 8Lumens (50hr), 3Lumens (90hr), red light 0.2Lumens (75hr), flashing 0.2Lumens (280hr). It features a pocket clip and comes with a Nylon carry bag.


Next, the HL35 dual light source headlamp that can deliver up to 450 Lumens of neutral-white illumination. As well as having a toughened ultra-clear glass lens, with antireflective coating, it uses an orange-peel reflector for a smooth, wide beam out to 90m. Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium, with a premium type III hard black anodised anti-abrasive finish, it measures 68.8 x 45 x 46mm and weighs 122grams. It features a Cree XP-G2 white LED and an additional red LED. It has a built-in ‘intelligent drive circuit’, enabling it to take power from 14500 batteries, two standard AAs or Ni-Mh. Power and modes are accessed by a separate white light on/off brightness switch, plus a red light on/off mode switch.

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Power levels, modes and run times include a 450 Lumen (burst), 200 Lumens (3hr), 70 Lumens (8.5hr) and 30 Lumens (19hr) using 14500 batteries. This changes to 260 Lumen (Burst), 200 Lumens (3.3hr), 70 Lumens (9hr), 30 Lumens (22hr) when using 2 x AA or Ni-Mh batteries. Other useful functions include a 0.5 Lumen moonlight mode, with extended runtime of up to 600hrs plus 50 Lumens ‘SOS mode’. The secondary red light offers constant-on and red flashing outputs of 1Lumen with a 100 hr run time. Coupled with a low battery level indicator, the unit senses when the battery status drops to a level where it automatically shifts the brightness downwards to extend runtime.


The HL50 is made from aluminum alloy and stainless steel treated with a premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish, and is IPX-8 water proof rated. Measuring 63.8 x 32 x 30mm and weighing 57grams, the neutral white colour Cree XM-L2 T6 LED delivers excellent definition and colour rendering – all aided by an anti-reflective coated, toughened, ultra-clear glass lens and smooth reflector. It can use either an AA or AA rechargeable battery or a CR123 lithium for maximum output and use in cold conditions – an extension tube (supplied) allows changing between battery types.

Each battery type offers differing performance levels including high output burst mode with all levels and modes being accessed by a pressure switch. For the standard and rechargeable batteries these are rated at a 285 Lumen (burst), 150 Lumens (2hrs), 55 Lumens (6hrs 20 min), 3 Lumens (110hrs).

Alternatively a CR123 battery gives a 365 Lumen (Burst), 170 Lumens (3hrs), 60 Lumens (9hrs 45 min) and 4 Lumens (150hrs). Another useful feature is that the ‘lamp unit’ can be unclipped from its holder on the headband to serve as a task light.

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