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Princeton Tec Gamekeeper Headtorch

Princeton Tec Gamekeeper Headtorch

When Princeton Tec partnered with Mossy Oak to create their Gamekeeper line of head torches, they began with a small ‘family’ of lamps featuring Mossy Oak’s Bottomlands pattern headbands.

Recently, they’ve added a specially upgraded Remix. The lamp’s ABS casing is classed as olive drab and hunter’s orange, plus shows a heavy-duty, elasticated, adjustable headband. The lamp housing/battery casing sits against a backplate that uses an asymmetrical single arm bracket, enabling the head to be angled down through almost 90º.

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The lamp is rated IPX4 water-resistant and the head measures 60 x 40 x 30mm. It weighs 83-grams including the 3x AAA batteries (supplied). Seen from the front, you have 1x Maxbright LED and to the left, a ‘side on’ triangular cluster of 3x Ultrabright LEDs.

This powerful 300 Lumen unit has a large, rubberised pressure switch located on the top. This allows you to access the light options and modes, which include the 3x LEDs lighting up red, green or blue. Then, one long press switches on the white LED to spot low, then spot high. Beam distance and burn times are Red, Green, Blue 20m/61 hours, Spot Low 51m/40 hours and Spot High 73m/28 hours.

The Princeton Tec Gamekeeper Remix is one of the company’s most versatile headlamps. It will fulfil a host of tasks and a multitude of field duties, including spotting quarry and paunching game.

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  • Name: The Princeton Tec Gamekeeper Remix LED Headtorch – Mossy Oak
  • Price: £49.95
  • Contact: Whitby and Co - www.whitbyandco.co.uk