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Princeton Tec Sync LED Head Torch

Princeton Tec Sync LED Head Torch

I have always felt that there was space in the market for something between stainless steel and polymer-coated cleaning rods. Debris cannot embed itself into the former (acting as an abrasive in the bore), yet the rod itself could damage the barrel because of its steel construction. On the other hand, polymercoated rods won’t damage the bore but can carry abrasive debris. Plus, they can often tear allowing the coating to peel away.

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Tipton offers carbon fibre for its range of rods, available in various lengths and diameters to suit the bore size of your rifle or pistol. They are fully compatible with most jags and brushes on the market in 8-32 thread size (.17HMR is 5-40 & 5/16-27 is for 12, 20, 28 and .410 shotguns).

Carbon fibre is strong as well as stiff and won’t scratch your bore or split/ tear over time. The rods will also resist minor permanent bending due to the elastic limit (think fishing rods), which will see them return to true dimensions after significant deflection.

The large ergonomic handle is easy to control without excessive gripping force. It rotates freely on bearings as the rod turns with the rifling through the bore, with twin bearings ensuring alignment under pressure. Tipton assures us that should you get a tight patch stuck, the full ‘shank-through’ construction will allow reasonable hammer blows to remove it as a last resort.

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  • Name: Tipton Deluxe 1-Piece Carbon Fibre Cleaning Rod
  • Lengths Available: 12, 26, 36, 40, 44 and 50”
  • Sizes/Calibres: .17, .22, 27-45 and .40
  • Price: £59.99
  • Contact: Sportsman Gun Centre www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk