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High Security Gun Cabinets

High Security Gun Cabinets

21st Century Antiques specialise in high-security gun cabinets disguised as fine pieces of furniture. These are original ideas and concepts going back over 40 years from when they first invented them.

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The model shown here is the Escritoire which is their most popular model worldwide, and it can accommodate up to 12 guns and even accept fitted scopes. In addition to this the Escritoire has a unique steel-lined ammunition compartment cleverly concealed at the top of the cabinet, accessed by lifting the lid upwards assisted by its gas lift. Other key features are multi-point locking and fully lined interiors.

The Escritoire was influenced in design by the 18th Century writing bureau and is reproduced by their craftsmen in Great Britain.

To protect your valuable guns from theft and unauthorised persons by using their unique secure gun cabinets, enquire further and obtain their new brochure, 01359 271078

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