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MTM Case guard Scoped Riflecase

MTM Case guard Scoped Riflecase

The protection of valued guns in storage or transit is paramount and MTM has now released a full length, scoped rifle case for your long guns. Similar to the 42” Tactical Rifle Case seen a few months ago, this one will handle rifles or shotguns up to 50” in length and 10.2” in width, with tough egg box foam inside, to sandwich the firearm securely in position. On the outside, there are four external snap-lock latches and padlock loops for security.

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The external dimensions are 51.5 x 11.7 x 4.3” (1308x297x109mm) and the defined rectangular shape allows multiple units to fit neatly together. Grooves in the shell’s corners accommodate fastening straps, allowing the case to be securely attached to a truck, quad, Polaris, or Argo etc.

The injection moulded shell shows inlaid stippling to add grip in the hands when carried, especially if wet or muddy, while external ribs aid overall stiffness under compression. The overlapping, interlocking shell, although not fully waterproof, will fend off most of the muck and debris that the case will encounter, plus will keep the dust out from any rooster tail kicked up by your vehicle!

Like all MTM Case Guard products, this case is tough, durable and expertly moulded in the USA, where manufacturers don’t get a second chance to let customers down. This one is currently in use with a foxing rifle and PARD night vision add-on, which appreciate tough storage solutions.

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  • Name: MTM Case-Gard Scoped Rifle Case
  • Price: £48.95
  • Contact: Hannams Reloading - www.hannamsreloading.co.uk