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Auritech Hearing Protectors

Auritech Hearing Protectors

The Auritech hearing protectors come in a variety of versions for particular applications and the ‘SHOOT’ version on test is specifically designed for shooting sports, offering noise reduction of up to 29.5dB in the most harmful frequency range.

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The main body of the earplug is made of a hypoallergenic thermoplastic which is very comfortable in the ear and fits snugly. The material is very flexible so adapts to the shape of the ear canal and it is also easy to clean with warm soapy water. Within this body sits a ‘ceramic sound filter’ which allows low level noise like talking to travel straight through but filters out higher level noise reasonably well. There are no moving parts or electronics, so the noise reduction is achieved by the specially shaped channel through which the sound travels.

In use the earplugs did prove effective outdoors, noticeably reducing the sound of gunshots from the shooters own gun and other guns nearby. In contrast, when a large calibre long barrelled pistol was fired right alongside the wearer, in an indoor range, the level of sound reduction was not sufficient to make it comfortable to bear. These earplugs performed best in an outdoor situation where the noise was not so close or contained.

Supplied in a very useful aluminium storage tube, which can be attached to your coat or bag, these are a good set of earplugs to keep at hand when you are shooting outdoors. They are good quality and a really good fit. They are by far the most comfortable earplugs of this type and they are well priced making them a good backup option to keep in your pocket or bag.

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  • Name: Auritech Hearing Protectors SHOOT
  • RRP: £19.95 (Plus £1.25 P&P)
  • Contact: Auritech: auritech.co.uk