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Gunsonics Hearing Protection

This nifty new GunSonics!® iPhone app from Essency exposes the weakness of current electronic ear protection and provides shooters with maximum hearing protection against gunshot blasts, while still allowing natural conversation in the field or on the range between shooters and vital communication between instructors and pupils.

GunSonics!® works by using standard industry passive ear protectors worn over the top of Apple standard issue headsets, connected to an iPhone or iPod Touch. First set the Gun Selectorwhich has six presets customized for the sound signature of each type of gun;  Shotguns, Rifles, Pistols, Revolvers, Black Powder, Semi Automatics. Auto fire should be selected when a group is firing. ClearVoice is a built-infeature that makes any speech picked up by the microphone clearer and easier to hear, even over gunshots. Local sound, conversation etc., are fed in ‘real-time’ from the headset microphone to the earphones, so although the ears are protected by the main ear-defenders, all conversation comes directly and intelligibly to the user. When a gun is fired, GunSonics!® immediately shuts down the harmful energy from of the gun blast.

Conversation is never interrupted by gunfire, as users hear what is going on around them yet are still not exposed to damaging sound levels. Users can carry on a normal conversation, while firing rifles, revolvers or shotguns

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Safer All Round

The GunSonics!® app allows use of very high-protection passive ear-defenders and allows no leakage of gunshot sound via the earphones. It is claimed to offer better hearing protection than any device or product on the market, and the overall combo outperforms electronic ear-defenders that can cost hundreds of pounds.

In use I found the GunSonics!® system was very impressive. Gunshots were dynamically muted, in fact much better than my usual ‘industry standard’ electronic ear defenders, and I don’t have to remember to switch the app off, unlike draining the PP3 in my usual ear defenders.

This gets my thumbs up as a reliable user friendly device that also allows you to answer and use your phone on the range without removing ear protection.

The new GunSonics!®  iPhone app is available as a download direct from The Apple Store for just £6.99. An Android phone version will be available in the near future.