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Be the FIRST in the UK to see the new tactical range of Victrix Rifles at The Northern Shooting Show

  • Figure 14, in conjunction with March Scopes, the UK distributor, is delighted to announce that UK shooters visiting the Northern Shooting Show in Harrogate will be the first in the UK to see the new tactical range of Victrix Armaments Rifles.

    The Tactical Gladius Short Action pictured , or “Stubby” in 308 Winchester will be accompanied by its bigger brother the Tactical Scorpio Long Action, also pictured in 300 WinMag. These two rifles represent only a taste of the comprehensive full range and we will be happy to show you these superbly made rifles and talk through your needs.

  • Victrix Rifles are precision engineered in Italy to exacting standards and quality control. All components, except for the Benchmark barrels, are manufactured inside the company where innovation, design, precision and attention to detail fuse together to ensure Victrix Precision Rifles go straight to the heart of perfection. Figure 14 is delighted to be working with March Scopes in being able to offer these rifles to complement the existing portfolio of large calibre ultra long range precision rifles that we currently offer such as the THOR M408 in 408 Cheytac and the EDM Windrunner M96 in 50 BMG, all of which will be on display at the Figure 14 stand.

  • For more information contact March Scopes, Telephone: 01293 606901 www.marchscopes.co.uk