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A fine selection of Clay Shooting disciplines

  • 1. English Sporting is my personal favourite and is probably the most popular. It is designed to simulate live quarry and this means pretty much anything goes! The targets are thrown from a different heights, angles, distances, trajectories and of course speeds. So anything from high towers to bolting rabbits. Excellent!

  • 2. Down the Line (DTL) represents another popular discipline and in a lot of cases represents the starting point for all trap shooting disciplines. Usually there is a single trap house to the front that launches lays at a fixed speed and elevation covering an arc of 22.5 degrees either side. There is a shooter positioned on the five pegs, each one shooting 5 targets before moving down the line to their right. Scores depend on first or second barrel hit or a miss.

  • 3. Skeet shooting is a bit more challenging, especially Olympic skeet! The pegs are positioned in a semi circle consisting of seven positions. There is also two traps one high and low to the left and the right. The clays are on a fixed trajectory and speed . Variety is created as the shooter changes position/peg.