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Airsoft Sites: Derbyshire and Cheshire

Airsoft Sites: Derbyshire and Cheshire

I’ve picked some sites that will let you “get your game on” if you fancy a visit to the Derbyshire/Cheshire area, and I am certain you’ll find a warm welcome at all of them!

Matlock combat games

Address: Lant Lane (just off the A632), Chesterfield, DE4 5FW T: 07806 697 228 matlockcombatgames.com

Matlock Combat Games (formerly First & Only Matlock) is an established airsoft site just outside Matlock on the A632 Chesterfield Rd. It is a woodland site of approximately 30 acres with varied terrain throughout. The site is a natural wood with a lot of varying terrain and ground cover, perfect for airsoft.

Games are run throughout the year on alternate Saturdays, and the games are based on a running theme throughout the day, with the outcome of each one influencing the next game. This makes for a more varied Airsoft experience for players and has a more mission-based feel to the day.

Mick and current staff have run the site since 2006 and continue to provide a professional yet friendly approach to Airsoft for both new and experienced players; they are fully insured for public liability and have registered First Aiders on site at all times. Open days are on Saturdays and anyone is welcome, from beginners to walk-ons.

Site limits

AEGs 350fps, Semi Auto Snipers 400fps, and single shot sniper rifles 500fps, all with 0.2g BB. All non-site AEGS and Sniper rifles are subject to random chrono testing at any time. Random tests may be carried out throughout the day.

Combat ready airsoft

Address: 38 Full St, Derby, DE1 3AF T: 01332 493 258 combatreadyairsoft.co.uk

Combat Ready offer both CQB and Outdoor sites but are based in Derby, East Midlands. The staff are a combination of ex-military personnel with 48 years combined experience, and dedicated airsofters with over 34 years of experience. They have run a site and shop for four years now with great feedback from customers and players alike; this enables them to provide an exceptional and realistic experience for players to enjoy.

They run a wide variety of games and scenarios, which are suitable for everyone, from people who are new to the sport to experienced ‘veteran’ players; they host a wide variety of weekly events including skirmishes and military simulation (MILSIM) games that happen on weekends and weekdays, details of which can be found on their regularly updated website.

Their sites include the close quarter battle site in the centre of Derby, which will offer you an experience you won’t forget! At this site, they offer a full range of facilities, and the game play is over four levels of intense ‘terrain’, incorporating office space, living quarters and a bar area. There are two stairwells and both are in use making this a very good area to skirmish through; combined with their attention to detail this a unique airsoft experience.

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The Combat Ready Wildpark and Combat Plantation outdoor sites are dedicated to intense skirmish and MilSim days, with detailed and easy to follow game scenarios. The Wildpark site is a mixture of woodland with brooks, streams, and swamps running through it, and has barricades and various small buildings with good terrain, along with open areas with trench systems and various ditches. There are paths and bridges over small waterways and ponds and the safe zone is a large indoor area with seating and heating, which also has male and female toilets.

You’ll get great value for your money along with a fun, exciting experience; during the winter months, they will ask you to book your place at least one week in advance of all Wildpark games, to save low numbers.

Site limits

CQBs are 350fps only, whilst outdoor it’s 370fps full auto, Semi Auto only and bolt action sniper 500fps with 20-metre MED, all with 0.2g BB.

Black hills airsoft

Address: Handley Rd, New Whittington, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S43 2ES Phone: 07912 629 311 blackhillsairsoft.co.uk

Geographically, they shoot at Spring Wood, Handley, but the name of the site is taken from the locals to the area who have for many years called the area ‘Black Hills’. You can easily see why this is, as the land is extremely undulating with natural trenches and bunkers sinking into the scrub-land, while great black mounds punch their way upwards from the spaces between the trees. Black Hills is a woodland airsofters dream, with acres of varied landscape, which lends itself to a wide variety of scenarios, yet not too vast that motorised transport is required.

Games are played on alternate Saturdays starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm, and hire packages are available which include, rifle, magazine, BBs and eye protection. Tea and coffee is available free of charge throughout the day. The site minimum age limit is 14 years of age; under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

The team at Black Hills Airsoft encourage new players to try airsoft and they are all a very friendly bunch. All you need to try it out is a good pair of boots (due to the terrain) and the hire package covers everything else you will need.

Site limits

AEG 350fps max, Single-shot high-power rifles 500fps max. (Note: There is a 20m MED on high-power rifles) and DMR, all with 0.2g BB – DMRs must be set to single-shot only and are to be used at the discretion of the site staff.

Go ballistic

In addition to the three dedicated sites listed above, you can also give airsoft a try at Go Ballistic (go-ballistic.co.uk) who have a cracking site in Warrington. Easily accessible from Manchester and Liverpool the Warrington Airsoft site features a whole host of excellent facilities, ensuring your visit will be a memorable one. They have an on-site canteen, which serves hot food, hot and cold drinks, in addition to a variety of snacks which are perfect for refuelling after your airsoft session. They also have toilets and on-site parking facilities.


All the above sites also have busy, regularly updated Facebook and other social media pages, which include photo galleries of both the site and past games, so these are well worth a look. If there are new sites that I’ve missed, then please feel free to contact me and I’ll endeavour to add you in a site update later!

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