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Bisley Pellets

Bisley Pellets

I shoot all calibres and all power levels of air rifle so I’ve known for some time Bisley Pellets can be ones to save faith in a rifle or a particular calibre set at a certain power level. The good ones sell themselves as their attributes are known by those who use them extensively. So let’s see what the distributors say about them then I’ll pitch in with my three penny worth!


The Magnum is a heavy and accurate pellet for long range use and a first class aero dynamic design for high impact and penetration. Lowest rate of lead fouling and consistent groupings thanks to the special alloy and lubrication. Recommended for all PCPs and FAC-rated air guns
Alternatively, Pest Control medium weight hunting pellets have a flat trajectory for medium ranges. Maximum shock effect and deformation. Smooth with a large hollow point.

(BM) Weight: .177 10.65gr, .22 21.14gr
(BPC) Weight .177 8.8gr, .20 12.81gr, .22 18.21 and .25 26.23

Magnum’s need little introduction and quite frankly do what they claim. They handle power levels in .22 calibre up to 40ft lbs and the .177 loves a Beeza barrel if it can whizz down it at 12ft lb or 22ft lb. Of all pellets the Bisley Magnum in .177 takes some beating if you want a heavy hitting accurate pellet in your non-FAC PCP.

Previous to this test I’d dallied with Pest Control and yes used them in .22 calibre for feral pigeon culling. However, I didn’t know previous to test they were available in .20 calibre. So I was quick to try them in my Rapid Mk1. Results were quite surprising, as spat out at 12ft lb, I wasn’t expecting match accuracy neither did I get it but what I did receive was a flat easy to plot trajectory out to 25-yds and a fair old whack at the target. A few nights using NV for rats and it proved itself admirably. One I’m now not going to pass when I have specific pest control duties to carry out. In .22 I feel it’s a close range slug, in .25 it didn’t impress but for FAC the weight helped it hold its own against others but it soon lost accuracy as it became unstable in flight.


A good all round pellet

Weights .177 8.4gr, .20 11.42gr .22 14.66gr and .25 24.0gr

story continues below...

These pellets are serious middle weight roundhead contenders. I’ve shot these in .20 for a long time an they’re still amongst my favourites in that calibre. I like it in .22 but .25 – it pretty much does what others of this type do at 12ft lbs. However, go hi-power and it’s one to consider if punching the 60ft lb mark


Medium weight, extremely accurate with flat trajectory Treated with a special lubrication

Weight .177 7.72gr .22 14.19gr

A shallow top domehead pellet that pretty much does what it says on the tin. Nothing we’ve not seen before but if they suit your barrel, give them a reasonable time to prove themselves. You could be pleasantly surprised at the accuracy and consistency.


Heavy accurate pellet for medium ranges, high impact and penetration with maximum shock effect. Smooth sided with blood grooves

Weight .177 11.57 .22 17.13

Err they’re pointed, look odd and ‘blood grooves?’ They will shoot ‘kill-zone’ groups out to 20-yds in .177 in .22 they seemed to lose the plot slightly after that – so I have to say, sorry they’re not for me.

FOR - Well manufactured, clean, well packaged and most have a roll to fulfil in airgun hunting
AGAINST - Maybe too large a choice
VERDICT - Overall the Bisley brand can’t be ignored, try them and discover that for yourself

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  • Bisley Pellets - image {image:count}

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  • I want to try the Bisley Pest Control pellets just to see the difference between them and the H&N Crow Magnums. For the price, here in the USA, they have a far better price than the H&N. The H&N Barracuda Hunter spellers do have a slightly higher BC than the Crow Mags and exhibit the same if not better mushrooming effect.  I like the fact that they weigh more than my favorite pellet for pesting and extreme expansion which is the Daisy .22 15.4 grain Hollow Points which are now made in Spain and not in China. Years ago the Chinese version had issues with quality, weight, form and accuracy. Daisy and Gamo are under the same roof now and in Spain make the Gamo Red Fire which weighs 15.8 grains. If you remove the polymer tip the pellet weighs 15.4 grains…the same as the Daisy .22 Hollow Points. Out to 50 yards, due to a BC of 0.018, these are very backyard friendly pellets with a very low chance of pass through . These pellets in all of my PCPS and a few multi pump air guns hold a group of 1” or less. With that in mind, what is the average distance you pest control at???...20-30 yards??? I think you see where this is starting to go. The shape of the Bisley pellet for pest control should be awesome at the distance it is recommended for. If w shoot a English Sparrow or European Starling at normal pesting distances, it literally rains meat and feathers due to the large hole and soft lead with the velocity of 800 FPS plus. For 7$ for 500 pellets. Any shooter should be curious about cheap effective shooting. Are they as accurate as let’s say a JSB Domed pellet…nope and the whole town of Nopeville. BUT THEY ARE CLOSE ENOUGH! Sub 1” at 50 yards for 7$ for 500 vs 20$ for 500 and zero expansion! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. If the Bisley Critter Control work half as good as the Daisy Hollow Points you have a win win win situation right here. Will every barrel like them???NOPE! Should you try them so you have an honest attempt to anchor your quarry more effectively and humanely? With out f’n question. Not even a pest deserves to suffer no matter what it has done to you and yours. Nuff said. Take care.

    Default profile image
    Heath Halfhill
    09 Jan 2020 at 06:30 PM
  • The reviewer said "sorry, they're not for me" because he found they didn't work well in his rifle. It's his review, using his rifle. It's not an extensive review obviously, more a snapshot. Also, 'blood grooves' comes from the maker's website! It's not something he's made up! Bisley Premiers are a very old design and I personally think they are the worst pellets in their range, that's from experience by the way, after using them in several rifles up to 55 yards.

    At any range, pointed pellets are not very good when compered to a domed pellet, it's just a fact. No top class Field Target of Hunter Field Target shooter would ever use one of these pellets in competition for that reason. They are generally only OK for short range use, you're obviously lucky to get good results. What groups are you getting at 35 yards for instance..

    Default profile image
    Troll Hunter
    12 Jan 2016 at 09:53 AM
  • Used the Premier Bisley pellets in my . 22 SMK Custom DB5 . Very Accurate and it is obvious that they dont suit the reviewers rifle.. i believe it is unfair to make out they are no good -when no rifle barrel is the same-even with the same model( It is impossible to be the exact same) They suit my rifle and my calculations are that they are effective out beyond the range quoted by the reviewer. The reviewer should be a little more "wider picture" than just his rifle. The fact is that getting the right pellet for ones rifle is not easy and I think ,like myself, many try a lot of pellets before finding the ideal one for their rifle. it may be personal opinion, but the reviewer has to be more objective than just what he likes-by the way- the reviewer seems to lack knowledge of projectile physics and obviously doe not understand why this pellet has "drive bands"- blood grooves!!!? Oh come on- lets be serious.

    Default profile image
    Peter Colson-Osborne
    11 Jan 2016 at 04:59 AM
  • Used Bisley Superfield since they first came out.
    20 in Sheridan rifle STD import at 12ft lbs. Pistol converted to carbine stock + heavier hammer spring probably 7 to 8ft lbs. Brilliant for ratting in tight corners. I think it is the rapid rotation from the rifling that does the job!
    Both have compact moderators.
    Rifle, excellent to 40 yds.
    1st gun was accurate to 60 yds.
    After a seal service it was badly re-packed by the importers and my lovely barrel got bent in the post. Replacement has never been quite as good.

    22 in Air Arms Woodsman. Heavy silencer and lead strips in the stock under the cylinder. All catches removed from lever as they are desparately noisy.
    Smash a walnut at 40yds. Enough said.
    Are any in the rest of the Bisley range more accurate?


    Default profile image
    Malcolm Hayward
    20 Jan 2013 at 06:54 PM