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H & N Baracuda FT

H & N Baracuda FT

There are many pellet manufacturers in the business but few with such a reputation and pedigree for perfection as the acclaimed German pellet manufacturing giants H&N (Haendler & Natermann Sport GMBH).

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The Baracuda FT are one of their most recent and very well received pellet launches of the past year and at present only available in .177 calibre. This pellet like all ammo that H&N produce underwent extensive testing before the final dimensions, ratios, and weight was settled upon. Available in two head sizes of 4.5mm and 4.51mm, weighing in at 9.57grains they’re quite a heavy pellet for this calibre but it fills a specific niche in their roster. This is because it nestles between two of the company’s already established slugs, those being the minutely heavier Baracuda Field Target Trophy and the lighter H&N Baracuda Match.

This precision manufacturing process results in an ultrasmooth roundhead (domed) pellet – the classic shape used by FT shooter and the type now mainly chosen by the majority of experienced airgun hunters.

Production and testing of these pellets before packaging must be one of the most rigorous for any airgun ammo. The pellets are made in small batches to ensure the variation in weight tolerance between each pellet is not above +/-0.25%. When you also consider accuracy is tested during batch runs to ensure they maintain a highly concentrated and tight c-c grouping ratio then it’s quite apparent this is a pellet well worth investigating.

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  • Name: H&N Baracuda FT
  • RRP: £14 in Tins of 400
  • Contact: John Rothery (Wholesale) Co Ltd Trade enquiries only bisley-uk.com