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H&N Baracuda pellets

H&N Baracuda pellets

Mention H&N and you immediately think of the hardy perennial Field Target Trophy. However, as many know they make a number of products and very popular are the Baracudas series, which possibly has the most designs and variants. As you’d expect, they’re well manufactured and reasonably priced. All pellets tested were in .177 calibre but .22 are available. Here’s what they say and below my verdict:

Baracuda Match

A heavy and extremely accurate pellet, suited for long range shooting. The aerodynamic design gives high impact and penetration. Less lead fouling and consistent shot spread thanks to the special alloy and lubrication.
Weight 10.65gr
Recommended for FT/Hunting up to and over 50-yds
Diameters 4.51mm and 4.52mm

Run the tip of your finger over this roundhead and you’ll feel a slight nipple at the very top. This has always been there, caused I presume by the die and doesn’t affect accuracy. A superb hunting pellet I put this alongside Bisley Magnums when I want longer distance and punch – will handle FAC levels up to 22ft lb in the small calibre. If using a multi-shot one of the two head sizes will suit your magazine over the other.

Baracuda Hunter

A heavy and precise hunting pellet for long range shooting. The advanced design has superb aerodynamic characteristics, best for controlled energy transfer. Less lead-fouling occurs due to special alloy and greasing. Smooth with deep hollow point.
Weight 10.34gr
Recommended for FT/Hunting, particularly for ranges over 50 yards

Sorry, but it’s a close to medium range ratter and feral pigeon culler! The shape and small head size actually does allow the pellet to ‘mushroom’ on impact and it does deliver a mighty whack, but not for long range use.

Baracuda Power

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A heavy, exceptionally accurate pellet for long ranges, with no lead-fouling in barrel, no contact with lead thanks to special copper coating (20% harder than comparable lead pellets). Aerodynamically designed for high impact, penetration and has low deformation of pellet. Stable design capable for FAC air rifles up to 18.5 ft.lbs.
Weight 10.19gr
Recommended for FT/Hunting up to and over 50 yards

Once known as the copper point, a slight head change the Power has a more conical yet rounded off tipped head. Everything stated I agree with as it transfers a good amount of clout at the target and due to the head it does penetrate further than a typical roundhead. On retrieval you’ll see the pellet is less deformed than others and upon melting a few I discovered a very generous coating of copper. Now this won’t harm the tube, but you must clean your barrel with jag and brush as the rifling will pick up the copper. Also keep ranges sensible and though it’s a tough cookie I’d say go for Match if running FAC.

Baracuda Green

Lead-free, lightweight high-velocity pellet. Give accuracy levels capable for competition. With a very flat trajectory it’s ideal for medium range hunting. No lead-fouling, improved drive in the barrel, no contact with lead thanks to the special tin alloy. The aerodynamic design gives high impact and penetration - tight groupings.

Weight 6.48gr

Recommended for FT/10mtr Match/Hunting up to 25-ds

Does what it says on the tin and an interesting alternative to lead

For: Quality of manufacture, good pedigree
Against: Dislike the misleading information shown on the tin and written on the company’s otherwise very informative website
Verdict: Definitely try these if something catches your attention, but make your own mind up as to what they are actually capable of

Name & Prices given are for .177 calibre.
Baracuda Match SRP£9.99
Baracuda Hunter SRP£4.99
Baracuda Power SRP£4.99
Baracuda Green SRP£6.99

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