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Pellet Gage

Pellet Gage

Airgun shooting has always been a sport for everyone to enjoy, irrespective of ability, and at any level. However, for those who wish to fight it out with the very best, in the heat of competition, or maximise accuracy in any scenario, weighing, sizing and grading ammunition is clearly the way to go. An increasing number of accessories are now aimed at the dedicated shooter, that wants to go that extra mile, and with the weakest link so often the ammunition we use, it has to make sense to focus some attention on this area.

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The ‘PelletGage’ hails from America- hence the spelling, and the main body plate measures a highly portable 4- x 3-inches. The top is a plastic plate with oversized holes, which then guide the pellet into the hole beneath, cut into a metal plate. Holes are very precisely cut by laser, and the idea is that the shooter is able to sort pellets to within 0.01mm; telling if the head size is anything between 4.46mm right through to 4.55mm. Drop a pellet head first into the 4.53mm hole for example, and if it drops straight through, then you know it’s smaller, so the next size down is tried and so on.


This is a wonderfully neat product, simple and well made, and can only help in the quest for ultimate performance.


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  • Name: Pellet Gage
  • Options: Available in .177 & .22
  • Price: RRP £45
  • Contact: Intershoot, www.intershoot.co.uk, www.pelletgage.com