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Powerforce Pellets

Powerforce Pellets

It’s always nice to try out new pellets in a variety of airguns, as we all know guns can be fickle creatures and each like and dislike a pellet for almost no reason. These Power Force pellets, available in both .177 and .22 only, offer a good value and well-made pellet in a variety of profiles and weights. You have pellets in the .177 category weighing in from 7.0 to 8.0-grains with flat, domed and pointed profiles designed for target and hunting purposes. The same is true of the .22 pellets with weights ranging from 14.0 to 20.0-grains in flat, domed, heavy and hollow point designs. Thus, good for target and hunting but also for springers, gas ram and PCP or even FAC rated guns. The pellets are made in Serbia and come in nice twist top plastic tubs that are weather resistant and secure.

Visually, all were very clean and no swarf was present in the tubs. The individual pellets are brightly finished and made from a nice, quite soft lead alloy, except for the CO2 Cyclone which are much harder.

When I weighed and measured the individual pellets, you will notice from the tables that the .177 were very close to the printed weights on the tubs but some of the .22 calibre pellets were quite different. No problem, just take note when measuring velocities and working out actual or true ft/lbs results.

Field .177 £6.30/500

These are your typical diabolo-style pellet with a pronounced seam down the sides and quite a flared skirt. They are made from a malleable, soft lead alloy. Uses include all round plinking, hunting as well as FT shooting.

I only had the .177 version, which had a 4.48mm head diameter and a weight of 7.0-grains. They will shoot well in springers, gas rams as well as PCP rifles - a good all rounder.

Hunter .177 £6.30/500 and .22 £3.70/200

This is a pointed pellet design primarily for hunting use and greater penetration. They are actually slightly flat on top of the point for both .177 and .22 versions. As we know, in reality, pointed pellets don’t offer much extra penetration over regular domed pellets, so the choice is yours based on accuracy. The .177 pellet has a 4.47mm head, whilst the .22 version has a 5.52mm head, so match these to your type of rifling for best performance.

The .22 version weighed in at 14.6-grains instead of the 14.0-grains advertised, while the .177 was bang on at 7.0-grains.

Sport .22 £4.20/250

In .22 calibre, this design is a flat head pellet for target as well as closer range hunting work too. You have that characteristic, slightly flared base and 5.50mm head diameter, which has a small chamfer to the edge and then a flat-top profile. This pellet weighed the most different from advertised at 13.8-grains instead of 15.4-grains. I’m not sure why but just take note these are lighter than you think. I most certainly would use these for ratting or feral pigeon work.

Crow Magnum .22 £4.20/200

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These are only available in .22 calibre and as such are designed as an extra heavy pellet for hunting and FAC rifle shooting. They are a long pellet, well-formed with a 5.49mm diameter head and thick skirt with slight lip again, so it’s worth checking that they will fit in your magazine if you use one. Again, a difference in weights, they should be 19.3-grains but actually weigh 18.6-grains, no big deal though.

They also have a nice hollow point design, like a Pest Control pellet, so low and dished shaped to help deformation at terminal velocity.

Magnum .22 £4.20/200

Like the Crow Magnum, these are extra heavy pellets for hunting, longer range usage and FAC rifles. However, instead of the hollow point head of the Crow Magnum, these are your more traditional domed head profile. It’s a long pellet at 9.63mm and has a head diameter of 5.49mm, which is a cross between a dome and semi point. They were only 0.2-grains off the advertised 20.0-grains weight at 20.2-grains.

Maxima .177 £6.30/500 &.22 £4.00/250

The Maxima .177 and .22 pellets are designed to be slightly heavier, for hunting and FT work in windy conditions. Again, a wellformed pellet in both calibres with quite a thick skirt to cope with a bit more velocity no doubt. Suitable for all types of air rifles but very good in PCP guns.

Weights are mid-range with the .22 at 16.0-grains (actual 15.8-grains) and the .177 version at 8.0-grains (actual 7.8-grains).

CO2 Cyclone .177 £4.50/500

These are for CO2 gun use really, but I decided to shoot them in a traditional springer just to see. They are lightweight at 7.0-grains, are a flat head design and have a very polished appearance as well as a hard feel to them. They are definitely good for CO2 magazine feed guns and have some uses for closer range vermin work too.


I used a Venom Arms Hunter Lazaglide for the .22 tests and a Weihrauch HW35 for the .177 testing.


A good, well presented, varied range of .177 and .22 pellets at a very reasonable price point. Other than a few weight issues, which is no problem at all, the pellets shot very well in the test guns. Certainly, some of these Power Force pellets are worth consideration for your airgun’s diet.


Henry Krank - www.henrykrank.com

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