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RWS Pellet Saver

RWS Pellet Saver

While most knowledgeable airgunners take pellets from a tin and put them in an ammo pouch when going shooting, it can be different for those doing range practice. Honing your accuracy or fine tuning your rifle zero can use up a lot of slugs; that’s why many take tins of pellets to the shooting club. Now, not all airgun pellet tins have screw on lids and, unfortunately, on friction fit types, once you peel off the seal around the edge of the lid, pellets are at serious risk of falling out to be damaged or gather dirt in a gunbag, range bag or even your jacket pocket.

Well, the saying ‘the simplest of ideas are the best’ could have been said specifically for the RWS Pellet Saver. This simple round pellet tin-sized sheath is designed to fully encase a tin of pellets once slipped inside via its flexible yet strong cut out, double-sided entrance; the opposite side having a cut out far smaller, so it stops the tin going any further but allows you to push the tin out. Due to the inner sizing and shape, including the full sides, these then wrap around the tin, holding it securely in place.

Manufactured from a semirigid plastic, it forms a round cover with a diameter of approximately 2¾- x 1-inches thick. These dimensions make it suitable for all tins of .177 calibre pellet of 500 and also some popular 200-250-pellet tins of .20 and .22 calibre.


  • Name: RWS Pellet Saver
  • Price: £6
  • Contact: RUAG Ammotec UK Ltd. ruag.com


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