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Lyman Primer Pocket Reamer

Lyman Primer Pocket Reamer

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With the good availability of quality military brass, from brands such as GGG, it seems logical that it should be prepped and reloaded. However, due to this ammunition having to meet the SS109 specification laid out by NATO, a crimp is used to secure the primer. This makes the cartridge more robust when used in automatic weapons, as well as offering additional protection from the elements. Once fired and de-capped, the crimp remains in place, which makes re-priming difficult if not impossible. The Lyman Primer Pocket Reamer is designed to remove the crimp from the primer pocket! There are two sizes available (small and large) so both 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm NATO can be processed.

The build offers a comfortable rubber handle and the metal tool section is also removable. Once the case is de-capped, the tool is inserted and rotated in the primer pocket to remove the crimp, it is worth noting that this does take some effort. It can also be used on normal brass to help remove rough edges, which will aid seating a new primer.


  • Model: Lyman Primer Pocket Reamer (Small and large available)
  • Price: £10.75
  • Contact: www.1967spud.com