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Brock & Norris Adjustable Torque Driver

Brock & Norris Adjustable Torque Driver

Taking a rifle apart is one thing, but putting it back together is another; especially if you are not a gunsmith. One of the bigger problems is tightening down the action screws to an even and correct pressure. Here a torque wrench is a good idea, but normally they are big and rated in ft/lbs, which can be a bit over the top.

Enter the Brock & Norris Adjustable Torque Driver, which would seem ideally suited for this sort of work. Graduated in inch/lbs, simplicity is the name of the game with a flat steel bar with six hexagonal holes in it plus a break handle. Through this fits a magnetic, ¼” hex bit holder with removable cap that connects with the screw.

Simple and Elegant

Operation is simple – each hole represents a torque setting and from the handle end; values are 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 inch/lbs. Simply put the holder through the correct one, put the cap back on, select your bit and position it on the screw head. You will see that the break handle has a groove in it, which is where you put your finger and thumb to pull it down. As the correct point is reached the handle will click (break) out of its central position to indicate the pressure has been set. Note if you pull above or below the groove the setting weight will differ due to the difference in leverage.

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The Torque Driver is simple to use and being a ¼” hex drive it’s easy enough to get all manner of tips to fit it – slot and cross head, Torx and even Allen keys. Accuracy is quoted at 5%. To a degree it can also be used in reverse as when removing a screw for the first time you should be able to work out how tight it is by selecting the lowest setting and seeing if the wrench breaks at that point. As can be seen from the options at worst you are going to be only 5 inch/lbs out at anything over 25 IP.

Torque Times Two

What I have here is the basic, six-setting model (ATD-25x50-06FS), however there are two more available. The 10x50-12FS gives 12 settings as although there are still only 6-holes you can reverse the wrench and due to the nature of the handle it breaks in two directions at different weights. The 10-50-24FS gives 24 in all; here the break handle is screw-adjustable for length.

Though some rifles seem to be happy with just a good tightening up of their action screws, others might require a more precision approach. If that’s the case the Brock & Norris Adjustable Torque Driver is a simple and effective solution to the problems of getting things down tight and right every time.

For: Neat and simple torque wrench ideally suited for gunsmithing chores
Against: Not for everyone
Verdict: Well priced and effective if you have the need

PRICES: £40, £45 (10x50-12FS) & £49 (10x50-24FS)