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Hornady hi-speed powder trickler

Hornady hi-speed powder trickler

Though modern powder dispensing hardware is good, with few exceptions I tend to hand measure every charge I put into my reloads. Perhaps I do not need to but if the recipe says 29.4-grains of Vit N530 under a 100-grain Nosler Partition for my 6.5 Grendel then knowing that each one is identical inspires confidence. Along with the other minute of the process – the ideal cartridge overall length (COL), the right primer seated to the correct depth and properly prepared cases then it’s one less thing to think about on the day!

My preferred method of dispensing the powder is to throw a charge slightly lower than required then using my balance beam scale and an item called a trickler I slowly top up the scale’s powder pan by dispensing individual powder kernels (trickling) until it hits the set weight exactly. Yes it’s slow, but sure!


Your average powder trickler is a reasonably small unit that does not have a big capacity and is a bit fiddly to operate as they do have to be positioned at the right height in relation to the scale’s powder pan! I would not say they lack precision but you do need to understand how to get the best from them.

Hornady might have just come up with the answer with their new Quick Trickle from their Lock-N-Load range of reloading equipment. I’d describe it as a bit of a cross between a powder dispenser and the mother of all tricklers. It’s big with a solid cast iron base that uses Hornady’s quick- change Lock-N-Load die engagement system, which in this case is also height-adjustable too.

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The body is cast aluminium alloy with a red crackle finish inside and out with a 6 x 2 1⁄4” clear plastic powder tube that holds about 1/2 lb in weight. The dispenser tube is long at 4 3⁄4” so will easily reach across to the pan without getting in the way. At the back is the clever bit as there are two geared wheels large (top) and small (bottom) each having its own handle.

3 TO 1 AND 1 TO 3

The ratio works out at 1 to 3 so each full turn of the top gear rotates the lower one three times, which gives a high dispensing speed. In fact fast enough to fill the pan to just under the pre-set charge weight, almost negating the need to throw a low charge from the powder hopper. Once near (needle starting to hover) switch to the smaller handle at 3 to 1 ratio to fine tune the charge.

You do have to get used to operation as it’s easy to go too far with the hi-speed gear, but once understood it’s a neat solution to throwing precise, individual powder charges.

PRICE: £99
CONTACT:  Edgar Brothers Ltd, 01625 613177 www.hornady.com

FOR - Fast, effective and easy to use Solid and stable in operation
AGAINST - Not a lot
VERDICT - A highly efficient powder trickler that could almost be a dispenser too