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Lyman Brass-Smith Powder Measure

Lyman Brass-Smith Powder Measure

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Lyman’s Brass-Smith Powder measure and stand are a neat way of initially dispensing powder into the case directly or a weigh scale pan before further ‘trickling’ for added accuracy. The Powder measure features a thimble micrometer adjustable charge volume suitable for small pistol cases up to larger rifle calibres. It’s a precision machined casting, to offer smooth transfer of the ambidextrous handle and internal shutter to prevent excessive kernel cutting with a powder baffle in the upper reservoir to stabilise pressure forcing kernels downward. The easy spinning handle shows multiple mounting positions for personalised comfort and fits any standard 7/8x14-inch threaded reloading accessory. Best of all, a single thumbscrew allows it to disengage from the larger coupling to ease emptying unused powder back into the bottle, without unthreading the whole tool. An extra ‘Brass Smith Powder Measure Stand’ can be added for secure bench or wall mounting above your reloading areas, to minimise vibration transfer, it’s similarly precision machined from die-cast aluminium to the measure and both carry a durable bright orange powder coat finish for long life.


A great compact powder measure with a well thought out mounting system, well complemented by the additional stand. Don’t forget to experiment a little with operation style, to achieve consistency with your powder kernel type.


  • Name: Lyman Brass-Smith® Powder Measure
  • Price: £58.90 Lyman Brass-Smith® Powder Measure Stand £38.40
  • Contact: Hannam’s Reloading Ltd. hannamsreloading.com