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Care Plus Anti-Insect products

Care Plus Anti-Insect products

Similarly there’s a bewildering array of products on the market that all claim to be the ultimate insect repellent, which means you eventually end up with a cupboard full of part-used potions of various types manufactured by a whole host of brands.

Well, it’s now all changed with the advent of the Care Plus range from KeebleCare, three different types of insect repellent that all do the exact same thing and do it well.

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Available in spray, gel and lotion form and all containing varying percentages of DEET, each one provides a differing duration of repellent protection as well as convenience of application. Likewise, all three are equally effective against the unwanted attentions of mosquitoes, ticks, horseflies, gnats, midges and a variety of other airborne pests. Starting with the lotion, this clear liquid contains 50% DEET and provides up to 10 hours of protection, Easy to apply all over the body, apart from leaving the skin with a slightly shiny surface non-sticky finish, its more than possible to apply and work the Care Plus lotion to every part of the human anatomy including those places where you wouldn’t think any insect could possibly get.

The Deetails…

The 40% DEET spray is ideal for a quick overall application or a convenient top up when the sun starts to set and the flies suddenly multiply as they sense the fact you’re the ideal evening snack. Providing eight hours of defence, the spray is very easy to apply using the pump and the small bottle slips easily into the pocket – the perfect reinforcement to the lotion.

The new range of Care Plus Anti-Insect lotion, gel and spray repellent from KeebleCare Finally the 30% DEET clear gel offers an insect-free environment for just over five hours. As might be expected the thicker gel is slightly messier to apply, but is the ideal one of the three for hands, ankles and other such places that tends to be the first areas of insectivorous attack.

Dependant on size the spray costs from £2.49 to £14.99, the lotion £6.99 whilst £2.99 to £6.49 will buy you the gel.

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