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Magfire Fire Starter Tinder

Magfire Fire Starter Tinder

Have you ever had trouble lighting your barbecue/bonfire/outdoor cooking fire/woodstove etc?  Magfire Fire Starter Tinder may be what you need. These 100% natural, ecological, tinder strips are made from compressed chlorine-free paper mass and stearin – that are also completely biodegradable.

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Simple to use, these highly water-resistant tinder strips are lightweight, clean, non-toxic, light easily from a match, lighter, flame or even a spark from a “fire steel”.  Best results come from the strips if you light a torn edge (or in the case of a spark, from landing the spark on a roughed-up surface).

Simple and efficient, the Magfire Fire Starter Tinder is ideal for giving you the edge for all your fire-lighting needs – even if everything around you is damp!  With 18 strips, measuring approx 21cm x 3cm, which should be enough to light numerous fires, the handy Magfire Fire Starter Tinder packs cost around £3.50 per pack.

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