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Turboflame GXR, Rubber Military Model

Turboflame GXR, Rubber Military Model

Turboflame lighters have been around for a few years now and have proved very popular with those who spend time in the outdoors.

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There is now a rubber-coated “Military” version for a less garish look and the lighter’s 1300C precision laser-jet of a flame is still wind-resistant, lights things (such as stoves) from any angle, will cut and seal cord, solders metal, spot heats plastic, melts rubber and blasts rust.  The lighter fits in the palm of your hand, comes with a lock-on switch and a captive safety cap and fills from standard lighter gas.

The Turboflame is probably the best field lighter I have ever used and the new “Military” rubber-coated version, which comes in green or camouflage colours, is the best yet for use where a bright shiny finish is inappropriate.

Reliable, robust and discreet, the Turboflame GXR, Rubber Military Model, costs around £7.99 and is a classic piece of outdoor kit.

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