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Blade Tech™ ‘Blaze’ Sharpener in Realtree APB Camo

Blade Tech™ ‘Blaze’ Sharpener in Realtree APB Camo

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, the new, uniquely designed Blade TechTM Blaze knife and tool sharpener is definitely easy to find with its high visibility orange Realtree APB pattern and lanyard.

The Blaze is suitable for left and right handed use and can sharpen any non-serrated knife blade along with lawn mower blades, garden shears, scissors, secateurs, scythes, loppers, axes, plus more. Possibly the only sharpener you’ll ever need!

So, what’s the difference between the Blade TechTM Blaze and the much loved Blade TechTM Classic? Well, the Blade TechTM Blaze has some big shoes to fill. Blade TechTM have been making and promoting the Classic for over 14 years resulting in it being widely known ‘the ultimate knife sharpener’ but Blade TechTM felt that something was missing and when given the opportunity to give feedback, the people spoke… and Blade TechTM listened.

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The call was for a bigger, brighter sharpener that was more easy to use than the Classic, resulting in the ergonomically shaped Blade TechTM Blaze measuring 100mm long, 35mm wide and 4mm thick and made from aircraft aluminium. Its size and shape means that the Blade TechTM Blaze has to be one of the most diverse knife and tool sharpeners available. You can use it anywhere from a kitchen to a hillside, and it’s guaranteed to perform.

The unique, ergonomic shape of the Blaze means that it fits perfectly in your hand when in use and still used with just fingertip pressure and minimal effort due to its famous mirror finished tungsten carbide. This means that it still works superbly and is capable of sharpening the dullest edge on almost all knives and tools.

Blade TechTM are so confident that they are offering a 30 day full money back guarantee. If you buy any Blade TechTM product and within 30 days of receiving it you decide that it’s not for you, then you simply return it for a full refund.

The Blade TechTM Blaze costs just £12.95 complete with handy lanyard.

CONTACT: 01492 640 664
E-MAIL: [email protected] www.bladetech.co.uk

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