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Blade Tech G2 Black Sharpener

Blade Tech G2 Black Sharpener

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Let’s face it it’s all very well having a new knife that’s razor sharp, but it does not take long for the edge to get dull and do you have the required talent and equipment to sort it?

Probably not, as sharpening a blade on a wet stone or similar is a skill that needs learning. But as with everything these days there’s a near idiot-proof solution, in this case the Blade Tech G2 Black sharpener. It consists of an aluminium paddle (in black) 75 x 25 x 3mm that weighs just 14-grams that’s large enough to hold easily. Inset into this are twin, polished carbide blocks set into a V-shaped cut-out. The edge is simply drawn across these at 90° and as upright as possible. The real beauty of the system is that it sharpens both sides at the same time so negating the problem of doing one side then the other which raises a feather (slight rolling over of the edge). The G2 comes with a QD neck lanyard so you can keep it handy or attach it to your gear.

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  • Price: £9.95
  • Contact: Sporting Cutlery; www.sportingcutlery.co.uk