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Bladetech & Gerber Paraframe II Combo

Bladetech & Gerber Paraframe II Combo

A knife is only as good as its edge and keeping it sharp is the key, so with that in mind, the Gerber Paraframe II has been matched with a very handy little sharpener, to keep the edge razor-sharp, in a very well-priced combo package.

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The Paraframe II is the largest knife in Gerber’s Paraframe series, with a 3.5” high carbon steel blade and a stainless steel skeleton frame. The simple openframe build makes this is an extremely durable knife and very easy to clean. Simply pour boiling water over the whole thing to remove any dirt or contamination. The design of the frame makes it very easy to grip and because it’s very thin, it takes up minimal space in your bag. The frame-lock mechanism holds the blade very securely and a simple thumb stud is provided for easy opening. Edge retention is pretty good for such a relatively low priced knife and the performance when cutting most materials was surprisingly good.

The knife is supplied with a Classic Blade Tech Sharpener, which is a very small and lightweight drawthrough type sharpener with tungsten carbide inserts. The sharpener works by reshaping both sides of the blade to a predetermined angle and gives a very sharp and durable edge surprisingly quickly.

Pairing these two items together gives you a strong knife with a go-anywhere sharpener that you can use to keep the blade sharp wherever you are.

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  • Name: Blade Tech & Gerber Paraframe II Combo
  • Price: £23.95
  • Contacts: The Combo - Sporting Cutlery - www.sportingcutlery.co.uk Gerber – Thomas Jacks - www.thomasjacks.co.uk Blade Tech - www.bladetech.co.uk