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Walther AFW2 & BWK2 Folding Knives

Walther AFW2 & BWK2 Folding Knives

Walther Knives are best known for their tactical style blades and multitools. However, they also offer a comprehensive range of knives with wooden handles in folding or fixed blade format, which are suitable for hunting and/ or general usage.

Amongst the folders they offer, there are three that stand out due to having attributes that are not often considered so highly credible. They are known as the AFW, AFW2 (Adventure Folder Wood) and the BWK2 Blue Wood Knife. Featured here are the AFW2 and BWK2. Both have quality walnut wood handles, universal axis screws and strong lock back mechanisms with ridging for security in use. They also come with a genuine leather holster with a belt loop, plus a press stud fastening system that fully encases the knife.


The original AFW is still available and measures 240mm overall, holds an AUS8 102mm spear-point blade, has a blade width of 3.5mm and weighs 203-grams. All build specifications are the same for the AFW2 but this model measures 170mm overall, has a blade length of 72mm, width of 2.8mm and weighs 80-grams. The blade is an interesting design as it features a top/rear recess with finger ridging, providing a secure and positive hold, especially for more intricate cutting work.

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The ergonomic design of the handle is furthered due to it having a forefinger choil as well as finger recesses to ensure it feels secure in the hold. The blade deploys via an ambidextrous thumb lift that’s ideally positioned at the top/rear edge of the blade. The tool also features a set of wholesome stainless steel handle liners.

True blue

As a member of the Walther series of Blue Wood Knives, the BWK2 is perfect for heavier duty use. It measures 182mm in overall length, holds an impressive 75mm blade (3.2mm wide) and weighs 116-grams. This quite large folder scores highly with its bulbous drop point blade made of 440C. The blade shows a grey titanized finish and deploys via a thumb nick.

In keeping with its name, the knife has blued stainless steel inner handle liners and a blued pocket clip. The handle is quite chunky and compliments the depth of the blade, plus it provides good grip due to its finger choil and guard. Incidentally, the ambidextrous removable belt clip has its own recess and pre-drilled holes in either side, indicating its true ambidextrous nature.


Both knives are fit for purpose, with the BWK2 obviously being designed for heavier duty work than the AFW2, which has its own unique qualities. The leather holsters are of such a superior design that they clearly illustrate Walther’s faith in these blades as tools that will be used in the field. Their strength and practicality are only matched by their obvious stylish appeal, and both will interest hunters and outdoors people alike.

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  • Walther AFW2 & BWK2 Folding Knives - image {image:count}

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  • Walther AFW2 & BWK2 Folding Knives - image {image:count}

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  • Name: Walther AFW2 and BWK2 Blue Wood Folding Lock Back Knives
  • Price: £74.95 and £49.95, respectively
  • Contact: John Rothery (Wholesale) - www.bisley-uk.com


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