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Walther P99 Knife

Walther P99 Knife

The Walther P99 is an iconic handgun that has many distinctive features that have endeared it to both law and military forces around the world. To have a knife named after the pistol seems strange, until you realise it uses certain design elements of the famous handgun.

The knife handle, like the P99 pistol grip, shows a replaceable backstrap that can be swapped out to suit the hand size of the user. One size already comes fitted to the knife and there are two other sizes supplied, so you are given an excellent choice of grip differentials. But this is a feature we’ll come to in more detail shortly.

Unconventional blade

Measuring 128mm in the closed position and weighing 170-grams, the P99 knife holds a distinctively shaped, 94mm long spear point blade. It deploys with dual thumb studs, secures with a strong lock liner mech and is made of 440C stainless steel with a protective black coating.

The blade thickness is quite extraordinary, as is its recurve shape, illustrating this is no ordinary blade. It’s certainly one designed for undertaking tough tasks. Also, when deployed the blade is designed so that the lower back edge drops down to create a finger guard.

Grip change

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As alluded to earlier, part of the polymer handle can be altered to suit the user’s personal preference. The interchangeable part is the upper back section that rests in the palm of your hand. These backstraps are simple to change and are held in place by 2x small, recessed grub screws (one on either side). Once the screws have been removed, the oblong hole featured on each backstrap is used to pull the insert away and off the fixed part of the handle.

In order to fit the backstrap of your choice, clip the forward section under the top fixed frame and lower it down until the rear positioned fixing holes line up. Then, you can secure it in place with the 2x grub screws.

The handle also features aggressive ridging at the very front, offering a superior thumb grip. The handle design is one that is very well considered, as the lower section of the handle has a finger choil and is ergonomically designed with heavily ribbed contouring that the rest of your fingers naturally make secure contact with, plus has raised dots for extra grip throughout.


The Walther P99 Knife shows itself to be a very versatile and heavy-duty field knife. The blade will skin, gut and cut, while the handle offers the ability for customisation, plus it provides a very high level of grip in all weather conditions.

The P99 knife is complemented by a heavyduty nylon sheath with a belt loop that fully encases the knife when in situ.

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  • Name: Walther P99 Knife
  • Price: £29.95
  • Accessories: Nylon Sheath (included)
  • Contact: John Rothery (Wholesale) - www.bisley-uk.com