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Anglo Arms Hunting Knives

Anglo Arms Hunting Knives

We all like a good quality knife and, although they can be very expensive, most outdoor enthusiasts tend to have more than one, including one we keep ‘for best’. The downside of carrying an expensive knife is the risk of damaging or even losing it out in the field, and for that reason sometimes having a cheaper back-up blade for heavy work is a good idea. With this in mind, the author decided to take a look at a selection of very reasonably priced knives from Knife Warehouse, to see if they represent value for money and offer a functioning blade for use in the field.

Anglo Arms 7½-inch Laced hunting knife

This fixed blade knife is a very simple one-piece design with a handle of tightly wrapped paracord on the full tang. The stainless steel blade is 4½-inches long and has a decent edge to it which is pretty easy to keep sharp. The nylon sheath is a very basic design, but it keeps the blade safe and secure. At only 3-ounces this is a very light knife, not suitable for heavier work, but it is still strong and functional. Overall, it is a really good value knife and it is more than capable of meeting the requirements of a generalpurpose knife. At the price it is ideal for keeping in your kit as a back-up just in case you leave your usual knife behind.

RRP: £5.99

Anglo Arms 8-inch Anglo Arms Rescue knife

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This liner lock folding blade knife has a 3½-inch anodised stainless steel tanto blade with a partly serrated edge and a stud on either side for one-handed, ambidextrous opening. The aluminium scales are very nicely textured to give good grip and there is also a pocket clip on the side. The very well-shaped handle incorporates a ‘seat belt cutter’ which is a really handy tool for cutting smaller diameter rope and glass breaker in the end. Overall, the knife is very well made and has a decent blade which is easy to sharpen. As a general-purpose carry in the field this is a great knife and it is fantastic value for those that prefer a folder.

RRP: £19.99

Metalic Blue G10 Huntsman knife

First impressions of this knife were that it was too ‘showy’ and aggressive, but after giving it a go it proved to have some great features. The handle is made of G10, which is a fibreglass composite, and it is very comfortable indeed. The oversized finger guard and the very deeply contoured finger grooves in the belly of the handle make it virtually impossible for your hand to slip either forward or backward and jimping on either side of the thumb rise provide even more grip on the back of the knife. The blade has a tanto style tip and a 2-stage edge, with the section nearest the handle steppedback from the forward section. This very clever design allows you to keep the rear section protected and very sharp for more detailed cutting work while the forward section can do the heavier work. With all of these features, what was first judged as an intimidating looking ‘toy’ is actually a decent bit of kit. The blade is strong and easy to keep sharp, just a shame it is blue!

RRP: £24.99

Heavy Duty Bush knife

Heavy for sure at 18-ounces this very chunky and solid knife is a real workhorse built for the toughest jobs. The 7-inch 440 Stainless Steel blade is 4mm thick on the spine and through the full tang, making it extremely strong, and the very basic wooden handle is held together with three large rivets for additional sturdiness. The cordura sheath is well made and, overall, this is a truly durable package. Although the blade does not have the sharpest of edges its strength allows you to drive it through large timbers easily and you can hammer the spine (yes, this is not good practice normally) if needed without having to worry about ruining an expensive knife. If you are going to be doing a lot of heavy cutting, and do not carry an axe, this knife is ideal and at this price you won’t have to worry about it taking a real hammering.

RRP: £34.99


All of these knives represent very good value for money and they prove that you can get a reasonable knife on a tight budget. They are not the finest of blades or the very best of materials, but they are more than capable as serving as a general purpose knife and it would not break your heart or your bank to lose or damage one of them. They all come with a suitable sheath of decent quality and they are all well-constructed. These knives are of course not legal to be carried in a public place but in the correct setting they are a great and very well-priced, option.

Contact: Knife Warehouse: knifewarhouse.co.uk
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