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Wenger Ranger 57 Hunter

Wenger Ranger 57 Hunter

It doesn’t seem that long ago I was looking over the Wenger Ranger Hardwoods collection. The biggest model in that series the Ranger 55 reminds me of the larger Ranger 57 Hunter on test; whilst the obvious cosmetic difference is the handles aren’t in camo.

Measuring 5” long when closed the 57 is a meaty, multi-function knife but generally is still of the Swiss Army style – just bigger. Hardly surprising this has been termed as a Hunter model due to the tools it holds and of course its rugged and practical build. The black, synthetic scales offer a soft non-slip finish and ergonomic grip and has fine cut chequering towards the front.

Mirror, Mirror

It almost mirrors the 55 in features apart from the fact there’s an extra blade and both blades excluding the wood saw are very different in design. The other tools are a corkscrew, awl (or reamer), flat head screwdriver, wire bender, bottle opener, can opener and a large split ring is fitted for a lanyard attachment point.

Now to the features I and most others will find of interest. The main blade is a one handed opening, 3 ¾” clip point. It uses the Wenger Safety Lock System which is basically a heavy-duty lock liner that is disengaged to by pressing in the Wenger white cross on red button positioned on the upper right hand side of the handle.

Aggressive Teeth

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Interestingly this is the only blade that is locked and requires to be disengaged prior to folding. In this knife mode the 57 measures 8 ½” overall. The other edged tool is a bit different as I would describe it as a blunt point in that it has no sharp tip. Instead it shows a three inch, concave plain edge. I found this design useful for cutting ground foliage, dressing up hides and due to the blunted tip configuration which is slightly rounded; it was equally handy for cleaning the cleats of boots. You really can ‘dig in’ to awkward spaces without it damaging the sides of the rubber soles due to the unique design.

The other very useful feature of this knife is the full, four inch, aggressive cut woodsaw. With deep, diagonally opposed teeth that shed debris and do not clog it’s just like a big version of the original Swiss Army saw-style. Combined with the sure grip the handle affords it makes short shrift of sawing through surprisingly thick branches for hide building. Or for the deer hunter an excellent bone saw that will make short work of pelvis and sternum.

This is where I find the tool scores for the hunter. It offer a very useful blade combination plus the ability to quickly gather longer more substantial branches (where suitable to take) for quickly building a natural hide from scratch.

For: Good sized combination knife that can really work in the field

Against: Not sure about the cork screw

Verdict: A great alternative to a plier-type multi-tool

PRICE: £49.95

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  • OMG! Reviewer doesn’t recognise a paunching blade and likens it to a tool cleaning boot cleats??
    Fire the person!! Go figure

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    04 May 2018 at 02:12 AM
  • i m from serbia its exelent nife.

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    brane mijatovic
    29 May 2010 at 10:11 AM