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Evogrip 10 Wenger Swiss Army Knife

Evogrip 10 Wenger Swiss Army Knife

Wenger, makers of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife, have just brought out a new design, the “EvoGrip” to their Evolution Series range of top quality pocket knives. The ergonomic design of the Evolution range redefined the Swiss Army Knife; it’s not just a cosmetic variation to the familiar looks of this iconic multi-blade knife but a true functional improvement to what many thought could not be improved upon. A team of designers, engineers, technicians and production managers worked for over 9 months to develop the Evolution Series, hunting for the optimal form for the knives without overly changing the “core idea” of that which makes a classic Swiss Army Knife.

The sleek lines of the Evolution Series knives not only look good but are ergonomic, giving superior grip, no matter which of the knife’s functions you use.

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Non-slip, soft, rubberised and lightly textured grip panels have been added to the ergonomic scales, raising the comfort and security of the handle to even higher levels. The black on red contrast of the new handle design is very good looking as well, with a fine contrast between the gloss of the scales and the more matt finish of the grip panels.

Although the knives look as though they have been designed just to look “lifestyle” smart, the EvoGrip Series can only really be appreciated when you use them – the new design is practical, comfortable and gives as good a grip as you will find.

There are several models of Wenger Swiss Army Knife in the EvoGrip series with a variety of tool selections available and I have had the opportunity of trying out the EvoGrip Series Model 10 which costs around £19.95. This model has a 2.5” spear point blade, a very effective can opener, a screwdriver (with the Wenger push action safety lock to prevent it folding in use) and wire stripper/bender, a nail file and nail cleaner, a reamer, a corkscrew, a toothpick and a pair of tweezers, as well as a lanyard ring, 5-year guarantee and full use and care instructions.

All the blades and tools are made from a good stainless steel, which gives a blade that is not too hard to sharpen and holds its edge well.  The build quality is what you would expect from Wenger – excellent – and the function of all the blades/tools is up to their usual quality with the blade coming very sharp indeed.

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